Saturday, May 27, 2006

Road trip Bangalore-to-coorg 3

Hotel Coorg Side was the place we were supposed to get to in Madikeri. That whole thing can wait till the next installment. It was about 1- 1:15pm and we were famished. After asking around the lodge, we were told East-end hotel was the best place if we wanted a choice between both veg and non-veg food. Ok, lets locate that place. It was about a 5 minute drive away. So we get there. "Looks decent enough. Lets get in." this was the mood of the camp so we get in. As you can see, we had to wait for a bit to actually get a table. We thought lets use the time to decide what to do next.

Out comes, 52 weekend getaways. The idea was to get a reservation at Nagarhole, so that we do not have to spend any more time than we have to at HOTEL COORG SIDE!
So, we finally get a table and order the food. Were not sure about the water so ordered some coke and sprite (pesticides are better than pests....I guess). We couldn't get through to the forest office where the reservations for Nagarhole are done so the following was decided.
1) Get to abbey falls
2) Spend some time there and hit the road to Somwarpet.
3) If it is not late enuf by then decide what to do next.

Abbey (it was spelt in about 3-4 different ways so i'll use this one) falls was round about 8 Kms from the East-end (the hotel i.e.). It was about 3:30 by the time we got there. Sandy spotted this goofup.....just read the board carefully. It reminded me of this post by Ishwar.

These guys needed to indulge again....Coffee this time so we waited and took some wierd (group)pics...:)

That out our system...nd the coffee into it.....we got to the place where the water was actually falling......

Chotu and Sandy decided to get into the water, me and Aasaram passed on that and were thus left with the task of clickin the pics....we did spot a few creatures in the water, Sandy and Chotu wanted to catch a few of 'em but were not as fast as they thought they were ;).

Since Sandy and Chotu were outa range, Aasaram and me decided to click a few snaps of us:
There are a few other pics of the falls that I can't upload here!! The climb back up was a not as tiring as we thought it would be. When we got back to the ride we decided to drive to somwarpet. Weren't sure what were we looking for but the drive was supposed to be spectacular, and that was true...all the way!! Not much happened on the way so am uploading some of the pics.

while on our way to Somwarpet, it was calculated (by Sandy) as per the reading of the trip meter we should be at Somwarpet when the meter reads 305.5. As it turns out we did reach Somwarpet at that point but there was NOTHING there to see. Ah well, another chai break then. We did turn back after the chai, Chotu was driver incharge of getin us back. We were pretty tired by this time and I guess we had lost it by then, you can make that out from the pics:) The last pic is not very clear as these guys were movin tooo fast...guess their real identities!!

We reached HOTEL COORG SIDE by about 8:30 I guess. FOOD!!. LOOK FOR FOOD! was the call from all of us. No body wanted to return to the scene of the crime! (East end hotel where we had our lunch.) So we decided to go to club Mahindra (expensive but GOOD). This is the only time when we had any problem from the ride for the whole trip. Since the car was parked on an incline (this is what we could figure out and we are sticking to this story) it looks like the break fluid never got to the breaks. As a result as soon as Sandy released the hand breaks the car slid back and the breaks refused to work. We all were a bit worried, however after a bit of coaxing the breaks did start working (this being the reason for our above conclusion!). Anyway we got to the club. Had some mocktails, snacks and then FOOD! Chotu paid for the food and we haven't yet decided if we wanna pay him back, yet! Got back by about 10:30pm. went to sleep almost as soon as we got there. The "Loo from hell and the trip back " in the next posht :)......

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Updates from Youth for equality - mumbai chapter here

Also, Corporates have joined in....see their activities here

If you haven't recieved the transcript of Arjun singh's interview (interogation actually) by Karan Thapar, then look at it at this location

Also, there are plans for a protest march in Bangalore. I got the following mail.....please join if interested..

Hello Friends,
There is going to be a peaceful protest on Saturday, Those who feel they are responsible citizen s of India are invited to participate in this.

Time : 27 May 2006, Saturday Morning 9:30 AM.
Venue : Ring Road (Koramangala to Domulr Circle, Near Sony Show Room)

We have taken permission from Police , media is also covering this.
We will update you on rest of the details (if any),

Please note that this is going to be peaceful march, do not be aggressive , we want to convey message to students protesting against Quota in Delhi (and all over India ) that we are with you.

Monday, May 22, 2006


EVENTS ON 22nd May: BLACK OUT at 8 pm all over India

On the 22nd of May 2006, the UPA Government completes two years in power. On this day, we appeal to the general public to come out in support of us to observe a black out by switching off all lights for 10 minutes from 8pm. We need your support in our agitation against caste based reservation.

Also in Orissa, a rally at Bhubaneshwar is being held by all the 3 medical colleges and being joined by students and people across all fields

If you are against the OBC reservation as proposed by the HRD ministry, please sign the petition.


Q. Why is it that what music companies and Anu malik do with old hindi songs also called remixing is not piracy??
A. Because, they can make money from it.

Q. Why is it that the BJP finds most of M.F.Hussain's work offensive?
A Because, he is a muslim

Q. Why is it that the Congress never finds M.F.Hussain's work offensive?
A Because, he is a muslim.

Q. Why does Mahesh Bhatt always shows up as a panel member at every talk show?
A Since people "enjoy" movies like Gangster, he doesn't need any effort to make a movie!

Q. Why do we depend on what somebody else (critics) says abot a movie?
A. Better him than me! (if the muvi is bad)

Q. Why do I have to talk to you if you want to talk to me?
A. That is how it works

Q. Why do people end up feeding themselves if somebody 1)is born, 2) Died, 3)is geting married (can be clubbed with 2)) 4) bought something 5)did not do anything?
A. That is what they are there for!!

Q. Why do I NEED to keep a mobile?
A. Because, it matters to me that somebody wants to talk to me.

Q. Why do I hate talking to people?
A. Coz, I don't like people

Q. Why do I hate people?
A. Coz, they are there just to feed themselves!!

Friday, May 19, 2006


Which is the ony non-fictional character to be mentioned in "The Adventures of Tintin" series??

Hint: Was mentioned in the book "Tintin in America"

Don't Panic

Don't Panic, I am not partial at all.....I hate everyone EQUALLY.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

wiki has a spoof!!

Yup, it is completely true.....guess where I read about it. Yeah, wikipedia. Well it is called an uncyclopedia. So, do yo wanna spend any time there? That would entirely depend on how much free time do you have and also wheather you like spoofs!!

Here is an obviously must have heard of the pink floyd album - The Wall (we don't need no education.....)

So the analysis of this BRILLIANT album on wiki is now the same album as seen by the uncyclopedia.

Now decide for yourself. Don't miss the track listing on the uncyclopedia!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Death song

I had posted these earlier I and II . Indulging my fascination further, there was this muvi Kaante "inspired" by Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. Well nothing new, anyway, Praveer gave me this song from that particular muvi about a week ago. I had heard it but never paid much attention to the lyrics. Well, they turned out to be quite.....mmm....fascinating :)

Lucky Ali - Maut

Dil ki dhadkan hai ya goliyon ka shor hai
Faasle ho jaaye na nazdeek
Aa jaa mila le dil jala le
Zindagi ko na jaane milegi yeh naseeb
Dil mein to chain nahin, rahe nahin and sahe nahin
Yeh sawaal to khaayi jaaye
Jeena to maut na jaane kab aayega
Kise bulaake yeh kise le jaayega
Maut jeene ke liye zaroori hai yeh
Maut kaise ban gayi majboori hai yeh
Maut lamhe ruk jaate jab yeh aati
Maut saanson ko baahon mein leke jaati
Zinda hoke mar gaya and main marke zinda ho gaya
Dil ki dhadkan mein yeh zindagi ka shor hai
Dil manaate yeh shaq hai abhi
Har sawaal jawaab ka fizool hai
Yeh khayaal to kar le koi
Jeena dusaar hai, pyaar hai and yaar hai
Mardon ko yeh do raahein dikhaaye
Jeena to jeena hai and marna hai to marna hai
Jis ka waqt aaya hai usi ko chal jaana hai
Maut and sirf raahein badal jaate hai
Maut and naye daur khul jaate hai
Maut and lena dena tab pata chalta hai
Maut and kamaai ka hajara milta hai
Bekhabar hai and sawaal yeh nishaan hai
Mil jaaye jo voh hai naseeb
Jeena toofaani hai and baaqi sab bayaani hai
Jhooth leke jaati hai zindagi
Mera bulaava hai and yeh zindagi ka daava hai
Mujhe bulaaye yeh tujhe bhi bulaaye
Banke hawa muskuraaye
Meri maut, teri maut and iski uski sab ki bas
Maut jeene ke liye zaroori hai yeh
Maut kaise ban gayi majboori hai yeh
Maut lamhe ruk jaate jab yeh aati
Maut saanson ko baahon mein leke jaati
Maut sirf raahein badal jaate hai
Maut naye daur khul jaate hai
Maut lena dena tab pata chalta hai
Maut kamaai ka hajara milta hai

P.S. Not sure who the lyricist is.....

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


This sunday, I had been to the Landmark book store @ the forum mall to buy a book worth 150 bucks(Nope, not telling you which one). However, ended up spending 2k on others!! Typical me! The other stuff I bought:

Maximum City - Suketu Mehta
Men of Mathematics - Bell
Requiem for a dream - Hubert Selby, Jr.

Anyhow, not the point I wanna make. I wonder how people manage to piss me off even at a bookstore! Be atleast a LITTLE considerate.

If you spot somebody, looking for a book at a counter PLEASE do not slip in front of that person to find the one you are looking for. WAIT, nobody is going to spend the rest of the day at that store.

Please switch off your bloody phone, nobody gives a shit if you have the latest HIMESH RESHAMIA ringtone or your friends are going to feed you lunch today!!

This is not a picnic spot or a place for family get togethers. So, atleast look like you need to find a book and not here for a guided tour of a bloody bookshop!!

The small stuff you brought along (I guess they are called kids. It is not mandatory for them to tag along you know!) either check them in at the entry where you kept your other belongings or get them modified to have a silent mode!

And yeah, nobody cares that you can see a copy of KS available!! It is just a book so stop hovering and drooling around it. Either pick it up or MOVE ON!!!

Finally, PLEASE do not screw around with your girlfriend here! EVERYONE knows u love her and BLAH BLAH BLAH.....why don't you just SHUT UP or find a room and leave other people in peace!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Any guesses?

Can you guess who this guy is?

"From the dawn of our species, Man has been blessed with curiosity. Our most precious gift, without exception, is the desire to know more—to look beyond what is accepted as the truth and to imagine what is possible." — His Address to the United Nations Security Council, 1967.

He is the enigmatic leader of the ___ Foundation. Little is known about him, but it is known that he is or was a Danish weapons conveyer. "Driven by a need for privacy and a deep-seated sense of humility, he has released few details of his personal life to the public. He first made his mark during the Second World War, providing munitions to various resistance movements around Europe. After the War, he became the leading purveyor of high-technology armaments for NATO. After decades of keeping the world safe through the development of sophisticated weapons systems, he turned his attention to critical areas of science and technology - always searching for new ways to improve the human experience, and create a brighter future for all humanity." It is unknown whether or not he is still in charge of the foundation.

Active projects

A number of "active projects" of the Foundation are listed on their revised website.

  • Mathematical Forecasting Initiative: Weather, disease, species extinction, and population support are listed as examples.
  • World Wellness and Prevention Development Program: "A far-reaching educational initiative designed to teach the basics of sanitation, nutrition, and disease prevention to the world."
  • Mental Health Appeal
  • Electromagnetic Research Initiative: Division studying electromagnetics.
  • Institute of Genomic Advancement: Working towards the eradication of disease and birth defects, via understanding of the human genome; a eugenics project
  • Life Extension Project: Works on gene therapies, and the "development of young minds".
  • Joop The Orangutan: The Foundation owns Joop, a 105-year-old orangutan, who celebrated this birthday on September 21st, 2005. Joop was "harvested" by British explorers in the 1900s, and is housed in Copenhagen, Denmark. You can "send a message to Joop" on its website, and view the orangutan on its webcam. The orangutan never moves, however the faux-webcam "updates" regularly

If you can find out who is reffered to here, you are a TRUE fan!!

Clue: Fiction!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Road trip Bangalore-to-coorg 2

Before I get to the trip, some points that I missed last time

1) The red thing in the background of the first pic was our ride for the trip, a red Alto. (Sandy put me upto this)
2) If you still can't recognize us in the pics, then:
The tall one - Praveer
The fat one - me
The BALD(almost) one - Sandy
The other one - Vipul ( Aasaram)

So where were we? Oh yeah.....the road after the turn from Srirangapatna is pretty bad. (Something to keep in mind, Sandy has become a bihari due to peer pressure.....we have made him a Bihari that is so every time patna is mentioned in any of the names "Srirangapatna" for instance you HAVE to visualise Sandy smiling) It took us the better part of 3 hours to get there and the other three being addicted to tea like any selfrespecting engineer (i'm addicted to music) we HAD to stop for a chai break. We spotted a tea stall in a small village somewhere on the Mysore-Hunsur road. Since, I was not gonna indulge in the chai fiesta, I was the designated photographer....

We thougth why not surprise the people who knew we were on the trip along with the fact that the mobile signal was decent we did let em know that we were not turning back, not yet anyway!

If you have EVER travelled by road anywhere you'll know
The whole world is a loo (the green parts any way...).
The next pit stop was for the call of the wild....the nature that is!! and this was a perfect photo oppurtunity too :)

You must be wondering why I haven't mentioned anything regardin what was goin on while we were actually driving...we'll here is a sample YOU tell me if you want more...

while munching on Lays (Spanish Tomato)
Praveer: Have you guys heard this one
Us: Nope (Unanimously)
Laughter.....Chotu pauses...after some moral support and encouragement

Chotu: What is Red and goes tring tring?
Us: errrr.....a red bell??
Chotu: Nope....a Tomato
Us: WHA???
Chotu: The tring tring was to confuse you...
US: NAHINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! (NOOOOOOOOOO if you don't know Hindi (fewer Os coz I am just being lazy!!))

the "joke" had three other questions too, but i'd rather not type all that.

Moving on....we needed some refreshments. So it was decided that we needed to stop when we spot the next coconut seller. As it turned out, we did find a guy and we DID stop (SURPRISE!!). Chotu nd I got out Aasaram nd Sandy decided to skip it (they basically wanted to test for any side effects on us before taking the risk). This being a small village, the guy had no straws for us to use(to drink the "Narial pani", wiseguy!). We said what the hell, lets drink it up as we were supposed to. I will never be able to figure out, what was SO ammusing! Most of the people came out and had this broad smile on their faces. The genuine ones were actually laughing (at our expense again, I might add). Well take a look for your self. WHAT IS SO FUNNY?? Yeah, Sandy and Aasaram joined in too.

So the trip continued....there was one contention on the way though....the pic below...which flowers are these?? Palash or Gulmohar??

The next pitstop was worthwhile. We found this plantation. Had no clue what it was, so figured lets find out(aah, the young inquisitive underused minds of s/w "proffesionals"!!)
As it turned out they were actually growing "paan ke patte" I have NO CLUE what it is called in angrezi!. The pics below are from the small hut where some women were processing the harvest (that basically means we have no idea what was goin on). Anyway, we managed to click a few snaps. Such a pity, the still shots do not capture the audio or you could have heard 'em laughing in the background (at our expense I guess).

We decided we did need a really wierd (apart from our faces i.e.) pic so....

Rest of the journey was pretty uneventfull, till we actually saw the room where we were supposed to stay. That one for the next installment....

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Road trip Bangalore- to-coorg 1

After about 2 years of delibration and hoping to get enough guys for a road trip (the destination never mattered) it finally materialized. Our very first road trip (together i.e.). Before I start rambling, if you too are planning a trip to Coorg the following are helpfull
1) Good drivers, we had three good drivers and me.
2) These directions turned out to be pretty accurate, keep a couple of detailed maps handy.
3) The 52 weekend getaways (book from outlook) especially if you are like us and do not have a particular destination in mind.

L-R Praveer(chotu), me, Sandeep(sandy) and Vipul (Aasaram)

Well anyway, we started on the morning of 29 April, 2006 at about 6 in the morning....the four of us. From Sandy's house near Airport road. Although no body actually belived that we will be able to wake up at 6 in the morning it DID happen :). The first target was getting outta Bangalore, which was accomplished pretty easily since chotu was asleep and thus no PJs for distraction!!

By 7:00 a.m. we were pretty hungry and wanted to finish up the sandwiches that Sandy's mum had packed for us (thanks aunty). So the first stop was at a Kamat yatri niwas on the Mysore road the sandwiches were accompanied with Chai (worth the 12/- I guess). The thing that we missed...if you like the coffee at CCD then there is one about 0.5 Kms further down the road and is open 24/7. That is another option that you can take.

Any how, so we carry on enroute to Srirangapatnam. As per the directions in the travelogue mentioned above, we were looking for the temple on the right side. It was smaller than what we had expected and we promptly missed it. We did realise our mistake (surprisingly) about 200 meters down the road and turned around to get on the rite path. (actually you can spot the orange county hoarding, that is much more visible!)

The road was supposed to be pretty bad from here on (and was!!).....chalo gotta go now...get some work done....will get back with the rest of the trip!!