Friday, August 24, 2007

Idle Worship

The problem with us is that we do not want our heroes to be flawled.

Humans can not be flawless.

A divine presence achieving something a flawed human could have done doesn't make it a hero, they are divine after all.

We are just left wanting something that will never happen.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Connect the dots...

Lets see if you can get this one....what's the connection between the two???

Lemme know if you need a clue :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Holy Tastebuds Batman

Flavored water for Indian market.....I may be too old to remember but wasn't there something called FRUIT JUICE???

P.S.: Just curious....could you please answer the poll Q on the right....
Update: Poll removed :)

Substance Dependence

15th August, 60th anniversary of our independence. This question comes up every year...what does 15th August mean to you??

Well the answer is sad and kinda surprising to me since I never thought about just means another day off. I don't want to listen to what Manmohan Singh has to say about what India is doing BECAUSE of "his" government. And I don't care what BJP says to counter it. I don't vote. I am from the middle class and I AM cynical. Talk about categorization and cliches .

It is not that I am not proud of India or being an Indian. We are what we are DESPITE of the politicians not because of them. 15th Aug just doesn't mean anything to me. I am materialistic and 15th Aug just doesn't mean any thing tangible to me just like my birthday doesn't mean anything to me.

So for all the TV channels that are conducting polls on our "patriotic quotient" my PQ doesn't depend on what day it is!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Taking Lives

He hits her across her face.

A tear rolls down her eye.She wants to run away but doesn't

He has all the hate in his eyes, the blood on her lip reflecting in them

She doesn't know him anymore, he is not the same guy.

He throws her on the bed, twists her arm till he can see her wince...

Her tears feel salty, and his grip on her arms...cold

He throws her against the wall, and pours the sugarless, boiling coffee over her. That'll teach her how to make coffee.

She hopes she can remember he takes 3 cubes of sugar not he did before.

He wonders if he can get rid of her.

She wonders if she can ever leave...

She found his gun took it with her when she gave him another cup of coffee. Points it straight at his temple. The same cold eyes...she puts the gun in her mouth and leaves him.....forever.

Disclaimer: Nobody can condone domestic violence, neither do I....part of the above is fiction part is not....

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Nice guys don't always get screwed :)

Couldn't watch the match here it is for all u ppl who missed it...Kumble's maiden test century!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

How music videos should have been!

Small talk - I

This long post was LONG overdue. I was waiting to get my SSN before I posted this.

I am not sure why but people from our company who are traveling to US are supposed to get a SSN, something to do with the tax that needs to be paid to the US gov. Anyway, it gives you a chance to get away from work without applying for leave so why not :D. Took the cab to the social security office and was prepared to wait ( it can take anywhere from 2-4 hrs). As is customary with the paranoia of west right now, by bag went through the mandatory cursory "security" check. Took a token for the appointment - A74 ( wasn't sure which option to select so took the one that was close enough to what was required.) The only place to sit that was near and wasn't cramped caught my eye and woosh like the nike swoosh I was there.

With the mandatory book in my lap and the i-pod in my ears I prepared for the long haul. For some reason the people around me kept grinning to each other. Well as you know curiosity killed the katty, I removed the earphones from my ear to see what was going on..BIG MISTAKE. The guy next to me A62 was the friendly kind...SHIT! ( I need to get me a T with the message "CRAP u r gonna talk to me aren't u??") So any way he informed me that the lady Security officer/guard was the जहन्नुम की सुरक्षा कर्मी (Guard from hell, just wanted to try the hindi thing :)) People weren't supposed to talk as it might lead to some people to miss their turn (even though the token numbers were being called over a MIC loud enuf ). Well thats her job i thought and was about to plug my self in that the friendly A62 began to tell me about HIS story, a forthcoming somewood trilogy I am sure.

Dear Mr, A62 didn't get his Social security for a long time since he switched his accounts, Even though he had opened a bank account. Well the account was the wrong kind he was told on his last visit. So after migrating to the right kind he still wasn't seeing any cash and that is wg=hy he was there. Well OKAAAY, I kept nodding my head at him or in anticipation of the EMINEM playing on the pod I'll never know. The call was for A61, I thought the end was near and the next call was for A92. They call the tokens based on the category not the serial. I always knew God was a sarcastic sadist. MAN! after about 30 mins of the above trilogy it was his number (उसका नुम्बेर आ गया I LOVE this hindi thing :)) And 5 minutes after that mine too. I was told I'll get my SSN in 4 weeks instead of the usual 2 weeks as my data had not yet been sent by the immigration office. I couldn't care less. Well the work was done in about 2 hours and I had called the cab back in 3.5 hours.

I figured I'll make a call from the security guards phone (local calls are free). BIG BIG MISTAKE. She said I couldn't use the phone. hmm...well is there any pay phone near by??
I don't know she said. Okaaaaaaaay, so what am I supposed to do? She looked at me as if she was ready to bring out the mace, so I backed off. Waited for 1 hour with A62 (he had to wait some more) and 30 minutes in the sun outside (tanning myself). I guess it would have been better to just shut up and work....but what to do WE ARE LIKE THIS ONLY (हम ऐसे ही हैं ).

Saturday, August 04, 2007


The most hilarious thing since Makkad Man

spider pig spider pig
spider pig does whatever a spider pig does
can he swing from a web
no he cant he's a pig

The Video