Tuesday, May 16, 2006


This sunday, I had been to the Landmark book store @ the forum mall to buy a book worth 150 bucks(Nope, not telling you which one). However, ended up spending 2k on others!! Typical me! The other stuff I bought:

Maximum City - Suketu Mehta
Men of Mathematics - Bell
Requiem for a dream - Hubert Selby, Jr.

Anyhow, not the point I wanna make. I wonder how people manage to piss me off even at a bookstore! Be atleast a LITTLE considerate.

If you spot somebody, looking for a book at a counter PLEASE do not slip in front of that person to find the one you are looking for. WAIT, nobody is going to spend the rest of the day at that store.

Please switch off your bloody phone, nobody gives a shit if you have the latest HIMESH RESHAMIA ringtone or your friends are going to feed you lunch today!!

This is not a picnic spot or a place for family get togethers. So, atleast look like you need to find a book and not here for a guided tour of a bloody bookshop!!

The small stuff you brought along (I guess they are called kids. It is not mandatory for them to tag along you know!) either check them in at the entry where you kept your other belongings or get them modified to have a silent mode!

And yeah, nobody cares that you can see a copy of KS available!! It is just a book so stop hovering and drooling around it. Either pick it up or MOVE ON!!!

Finally, PLEASE do not screw around with your girlfriend here! EVERYONE knows u love her and BLAH BLAH BLAH.....why don't you just SHUT UP or find a room and leave other people in peace!!!


smart-alecky said...

1. Cell phones: I agree. Its time we try the frequency jammers.
2. Kids: Wait till you have one.
3. Screwing around: I thought it was always behind the curtains. Never knew it is being done in open. :O
4. KS: What were you doing there Mr. Hermit? Either waiting for that guy to keep that book so that you can flip over the pages or were both of you in the same category?

BTW did you go the book fair at Motehr Earth?

Epiphany said...

@ Taran - about your 4.....EXACTLY my point....jst bcoz KS is about sex doesn't make it either TABOO or a good book!!!
ne way yeah, wnt to the book fair...was the same as last time....nthng special!