Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Road trip Bangalore- to-coorg 1

After about 2 years of delibration and hoping to get enough guys for a road trip (the destination never mattered) it finally materialized. Our very first road trip (together i.e.). Before I start rambling, if you too are planning a trip to Coorg the following are helpfull
1) Good drivers, we had three good drivers and me.
2) These directions turned out to be pretty accurate, keep a couple of detailed maps handy.
3) The 52 weekend getaways (book from outlook) especially if you are like us and do not have a particular destination in mind.

L-R Praveer(chotu), me, Sandeep(sandy) and Vipul (Aasaram)

Well anyway, we started on the morning of 29 April, 2006 at about 6 in the morning....the four of us. From Sandy's house near Airport road. Although no body actually belived that we will be able to wake up at 6 in the morning it DID happen :). The first target was getting outta Bangalore, which was accomplished pretty easily since chotu was asleep and thus no PJs for distraction!!

By 7:00 a.m. we were pretty hungry and wanted to finish up the sandwiches that Sandy's mum had packed for us (thanks aunty). So the first stop was at a Kamat yatri niwas on the Mysore road the sandwiches were accompanied with Chai (worth the 12/- I guess). The thing that we missed...if you like the coffee at CCD then there is one about 0.5 Kms further down the road and is open 24/7. That is another option that you can take.

Any how, so we carry on enroute to Srirangapatnam. As per the directions in the travelogue mentioned above, we were looking for the temple on the right side. It was smaller than what we had expected and we promptly missed it. We did realise our mistake (surprisingly) about 200 meters down the road and turned around to get on the rite path. (actually you can spot the orange county hoarding, that is much more visible!)

The road was supposed to be pretty bad from here on (and was!!).....chalo gotta go now...get some work done....will get back with the rest of the trip!!


sandeep said...

you did not introduce my car

Anonymous said...

good katy... keep it up...


hmm.... said...

Wow.. am sure u guys had great fun ! Katty get on the rest of the trip soon, you have just made me more inquisitive ! :) And btw, the pics are great, try getting some more here. And u look a lil better (fatter!) than before ;) (compliment! why am i doing this.. $#@%$@).. and the rest of them are the same !
Guys.. I miss u all soo much !

Anonymous said...

I am impressed..looks quite getting inspired to do something similar in bombay :) i agree with hmmm...that gourav u look better(fatter!) than before :))... Saurabh

sandeep said...

for all those who say katty "looks" fatter, let me tell you he IS.

Anonymous said...

im still trying to figure out HOW u were able to get up at SIX in the morning!!!! its a wonder ur frnds dint have to drag u around while u slept... :)

The piks rock da!!! nd so does the jacket!!!! ;)


Anonymous said...

whts up katy.. when is the sequel coming ??

smart-alecky said...

Katty Baba yeh kya ho gaya? You have been putting up weight. Started eating lunch?

BTW man what happened to you 3:00 pm coffee? who gives you company?