Saturday, November 29, 2008

Is raat ki subah nahin?

Feeling....Helpless, scared, empty, violated, angry, insignificant....

ATS chief died, NSG commandos died...

People had to go through a list to figure out if the people they have been looking for are still alive...

The cliches from the politicians have started

Pakistan says they were not involved

PM says we will not let this happen again...just like the last time

Shivraj Patil is still the Home minister..incompetent bufoon

Modi and Advani are looking to cash in...oppertunists

Thakrey surface again...his tail between his legs 

Jayanti Natrajan continues her sycophancy....I don't have words for her...I do but can't be spoken in public

Why shouldn't I just let go and give up...I don't know....I don't know if I will...I hope you are not feeling as helpless...

In case you are in me a favor..if you think it is safe, please drop a flower at atleast one of the rememberance of all those who were not as lucky as us...

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Blood soaked streets
Bullets replacing crackers
Twinkle in the eyes replaced with an emptiness
Breaking news breaking hearts and spirits

Freedom fighters who don't understand freedom
Taking lives to free their souls
Freedom they long for is forever lost
Their guilt will never set them free

Soldiers ready to die for me
stepping in the line of fire
With a flimsy bullet-proof vest
With pride of the country at heart

Politicians taking their customary rounds
Celebrities outraged at talk shows
Journalists hawking their "sources"
News junkies watching the unfolding story

The final assault started 8 hours ago
Taj is up in flames again
Helpless Indians in front of the tube
Wondering what have you done to my home...what did you do to my home

Friday, November 21, 2008

Some more name calling

Now imagine what the conversation will be like..

Mr D: Go and lend more money!
Bank Wala: Don't be absurd..Darling.
Mr D: Don't talk to me like that you are not my wife....Go lend money
Bank Wala: Darling that is just not feasible. We need liquidity!
Mr D: Stop fucking around with my economy! You are screwing up the confidence, this has never happened before!
Bank Wala: Go to hell...err....Darling

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Suspended Animation

Her white skin was gleaming under the bright sunlight. Enjoying everyone’s attention, her huge black eyes held every gaze directed at her. She was a traffic stopper alright. But then her master turned up and struck her hard with a stick and everyone moved on. Her famous last word still echo in the emptiness…..MOOOOOOOOOO.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Down Poison

Struggle with your life's purpose at night
vow that the next morning will begin the change
Start the next day just like the day before
hoping the change will find you...somehow

Pick your poison, drink it down
Numb your senses, dumb the world down

You detest the framework you are given
The set of rules to live and be judged by
You end up being bound by the rules
Measuring your happiness and everyone else

Pick your poison, drink it down
Numb your senses, dumb the world down

You had promised yourself, you won't be just another soul
Wandering the streets with a smiley stamped across your face
Now between shopping binges and loud music
You nod and smile at no name faces

Pick your poison, drink it down
Numb your senses, dumb the world down

And then you finally make your peace
The last moments, before you hit the ground, set you free
But what will they say? How will they cope with it?
You will forever be the one not talked about...the human stain

Pick your poison, drink it down
Numb your senses, dumb the world down

Your alarm clock is signaling a new start
Welcome to the strange
Welcome to what happened yesterday
Welcome to your life...

Same shit, New day...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Courage under fire

They lined both sides of his path to salvation. He charged ahead, ducking and weaving. Their arsenal was never ending, their aim wasn’t the best. Splinters of their ammunition were as dangerous as the ammunition. At least he was spared the sound of them loading and firing. The earth shattering universal noise of spitting …AAACHHTTTHOOOO

Monday, November 03, 2008


Blazing like a shooting star
setting the night sky alight
the beautiful celestial shower of light
Illuminating everything, albeit for a split second


The flickering flame
One that doesn't take heed to what the wind tells it
The flame that lasts a lifetime
only enlightening ones who bother to come near enough

So who do YOU want to be?