Friday, May 05, 2006

Road trip Bangalore-to-coorg 2

Before I get to the trip, some points that I missed last time

1) The red thing in the background of the first pic was our ride for the trip, a red Alto. (Sandy put me upto this)
2) If you still can't recognize us in the pics, then:
The tall one - Praveer
The fat one - me
The BALD(almost) one - Sandy
The other one - Vipul ( Aasaram)

So where were we? Oh yeah.....the road after the turn from Srirangapatna is pretty bad. (Something to keep in mind, Sandy has become a bihari due to peer pressure.....we have made him a Bihari that is so every time patna is mentioned in any of the names "Srirangapatna" for instance you HAVE to visualise Sandy smiling) It took us the better part of 3 hours to get there and the other three being addicted to tea like any selfrespecting engineer (i'm addicted to music) we HAD to stop for a chai break. We spotted a tea stall in a small village somewhere on the Mysore-Hunsur road. Since, I was not gonna indulge in the chai fiesta, I was the designated photographer....

We thougth why not surprise the people who knew we were on the trip along with the fact that the mobile signal was decent we did let em know that we were not turning back, not yet anyway!

If you have EVER travelled by road anywhere you'll know
The whole world is a loo (the green parts any way...).
The next pit stop was for the call of the wild....the nature that is!! and this was a perfect photo oppurtunity too :)

You must be wondering why I haven't mentioned anything regardin what was goin on while we were actually driving...we'll here is a sample YOU tell me if you want more...

while munching on Lays (Spanish Tomato)
Praveer: Have you guys heard this one
Us: Nope (Unanimously)
Laughter.....Chotu pauses...after some moral support and encouragement

Chotu: What is Red and goes tring tring?
Us: errrr.....a red bell??
Chotu: Nope....a Tomato
Us: WHA???
Chotu: The tring tring was to confuse you...
US: NAHINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! (NOOOOOOOOOO if you don't know Hindi (fewer Os coz I am just being lazy!!))

the "joke" had three other questions too, but i'd rather not type all that.

Moving on....we needed some refreshments. So it was decided that we needed to stop when we spot the next coconut seller. As it turned out, we did find a guy and we DID stop (SURPRISE!!). Chotu nd I got out Aasaram nd Sandy decided to skip it (they basically wanted to test for any side effects on us before taking the risk). This being a small village, the guy had no straws for us to use(to drink the "Narial pani", wiseguy!). We said what the hell, lets drink it up as we were supposed to. I will never be able to figure out, what was SO ammusing! Most of the people came out and had this broad smile on their faces. The genuine ones were actually laughing (at our expense again, I might add). Well take a look for your self. WHAT IS SO FUNNY?? Yeah, Sandy and Aasaram joined in too.

So the trip continued....there was one contention on the way though....the pic below...which flowers are these?? Palash or Gulmohar??

The next pitstop was worthwhile. We found this plantation. Had no clue what it was, so figured lets find out(aah, the young inquisitive underused minds of s/w "proffesionals"!!)
As it turned out they were actually growing "paan ke patte" I have NO CLUE what it is called in angrezi!. The pics below are from the small hut where some women were processing the harvest (that basically means we have no idea what was goin on). Anyway, we managed to click a few snaps. Such a pity, the still shots do not capture the audio or you could have heard 'em laughing in the background (at our expense I guess).

We decided we did need a really wierd (apart from our faces i.e.) pic so....

Rest of the journey was pretty uneventfull, till we actually saw the room where we were supposed to stay. That one for the next installment....


hmm.... said...

part 3 too.. wow !!!
katty ..jaldi haan.. plz :)

sandeep said...

katty is not going to stop for a while .. part 4 is on the card too ... the only way to get him to write something else now is to make another trip somewhere. katty, what say ?

Anonymous said...

gyan...they're called 'betel leaves' :)
man!! now im really tempted to go on a road-trip to coorg too! ;)

Shubhraa said...

Tumhare saare dost aapne jaise hain kya??? My my. :D
Accha, answer to first question - what tree? think its gulmohar and answer to Q 2 - paan ka patta is called betel leaves.

Epiphany said...

@ hmm by this weekend
@ sandy yup...nt gonna stop...part 5 too is on the cards...
@ shubs and p-t-n dengu for enlightenin me!