Thursday, May 25, 2006


Updates from Youth for equality - mumbai chapter here

Also, Corporates have joined in....see their activities here

If you haven't recieved the transcript of Arjun singh's interview (interogation actually) by Karan Thapar, then look at it at this location

Also, there are plans for a protest march in Bangalore. I got the following mail.....please join if interested..

Hello Friends,
There is going to be a peaceful protest on Saturday, Those who feel they are responsible citizen s of India are invited to participate in this.

Time : 27 May 2006, Saturday Morning 9:30 AM.
Venue : Ring Road (Koramangala to Domulr Circle, Near Sony Show Room)

We have taken permission from Police , media is also covering this.
We will update you on rest of the details (if any),

Please note that this is going to be peaceful march, do not be aggressive , we want to convey message to students protesting against Quota in Delhi (and all over India ) that we are with you.

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