Saturday, May 27, 2006

Road trip Bangalore-to-coorg 3

Hotel Coorg Side was the place we were supposed to get to in Madikeri. That whole thing can wait till the next installment. It was about 1- 1:15pm and we were famished. After asking around the lodge, we were told East-end hotel was the best place if we wanted a choice between both veg and non-veg food. Ok, lets locate that place. It was about a 5 minute drive away. So we get there. "Looks decent enough. Lets get in." this was the mood of the camp so we get in. As you can see, we had to wait for a bit to actually get a table. We thought lets use the time to decide what to do next.

Out comes, 52 weekend getaways. The idea was to get a reservation at Nagarhole, so that we do not have to spend any more time than we have to at HOTEL COORG SIDE!
So, we finally get a table and order the food. Were not sure about the water so ordered some coke and sprite (pesticides are better than pests....I guess). We couldn't get through to the forest office where the reservations for Nagarhole are done so the following was decided.
1) Get to abbey falls
2) Spend some time there and hit the road to Somwarpet.
3) If it is not late enuf by then decide what to do next.

Abbey (it was spelt in about 3-4 different ways so i'll use this one) falls was round about 8 Kms from the East-end (the hotel i.e.). It was about 3:30 by the time we got there. Sandy spotted this goofup.....just read the board carefully. It reminded me of this post by Ishwar.

These guys needed to indulge again....Coffee this time so we waited and took some wierd (group)pics...:)

That out our system...nd the coffee into it.....we got to the place where the water was actually falling......

Chotu and Sandy decided to get into the water, me and Aasaram passed on that and were thus left with the task of clickin the pics....we did spot a few creatures in the water, Sandy and Chotu wanted to catch a few of 'em but were not as fast as they thought they were ;).

Since Sandy and Chotu were outa range, Aasaram and me decided to click a few snaps of us:
There are a few other pics of the falls that I can't upload here!! The climb back up was a not as tiring as we thought it would be. When we got back to the ride we decided to drive to somwarpet. Weren't sure what were we looking for but the drive was supposed to be spectacular, and that was true...all the way!! Not much happened on the way so am uploading some of the pics.

while on our way to Somwarpet, it was calculated (by Sandy) as per the reading of the trip meter we should be at Somwarpet when the meter reads 305.5. As it turns out we did reach Somwarpet at that point but there was NOTHING there to see. Ah well, another chai break then. We did turn back after the chai, Chotu was driver incharge of getin us back. We were pretty tired by this time and I guess we had lost it by then, you can make that out from the pics:) The last pic is not very clear as these guys were movin tooo fast...guess their real identities!!

We reached HOTEL COORG SIDE by about 8:30 I guess. FOOD!!. LOOK FOR FOOD! was the call from all of us. No body wanted to return to the scene of the crime! (East end hotel where we had our lunch.) So we decided to go to club Mahindra (expensive but GOOD). This is the only time when we had any problem from the ride for the whole trip. Since the car was parked on an incline (this is what we could figure out and we are sticking to this story) it looks like the break fluid never got to the breaks. As a result as soon as Sandy released the hand breaks the car slid back and the breaks refused to work. We all were a bit worried, however after a bit of coaxing the breaks did start working (this being the reason for our above conclusion!). Anyway we got to the club. Had some mocktails, snacks and then FOOD! Chotu paid for the food and we haven't yet decided if we wanna pay him back, yet! Got back by about 10:30pm. went to sleep almost as soon as we got there. The "Loo from hell and the trip back " in the next posht :)......


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