Friday, September 28, 2007

The void of loss

You feel free.
Almost afloat in the air.
Nothing to tie you down.
Nothing to hold you back.

Ah the freedom of flight.
The absence of responsibilities.
No boundaries of futile attempts at humor.
Ah the spontaneity of a leap.

The gust of wind in your hair.
The darkness of the abyss rushing towards you.
The only source of light getting away.
And the solitary tear reappears.

Then you realize, you are not are orphaned.
You are not floating it is your worst fall.
Your arms are flailing to grasp at anything around.
You wish somebody/someone had held you back and completed the puzzle.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Customize your newz

Saw this on the NDTV which one is it? :D

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Requiem

You wished for it to happen.
You wished it to be perfect when it did.

It happens when you least expected it.
It takes your breath away every time you look back at it.

Then reality shatters all that was true and yours.
Then reality shreds the only perfection you had known.

What reality can't take away are the memories.
Memories of perfection and completion.

Every time you look back it brings back a smile and a tear.
Every time you look back you say "Goodbye and thanks for all the fish!!"


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007


You open your eyes...cry a what you are told...get a "COMPLETE EDUCATION"...get a "SATISFYING JOB"...FUCK FUCK FUCK...MULTIPLY...pick some body or get picked to ruin a couple of shit you don't need...then buy the same shit only bigger...aaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...BANG BANG!

You spend the first half of your life fitting that you are just like everybody else...NORMAL...the rest of your life is spent trying to be DIFFERENT...UNIQUE...well SOMEBODY has a FUCKING sadistic sense of humor...

This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend
The end of our elaborate plans
The end of ev'rything that stands
The end - Jim Morrison

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Small Talk II

If you know me then you know I can't have the "Howz the weather" kinda conversation. That usually leaves me with my iPod when around new people. So I tried to change during this trip to Amreeka!!

It is a bit weird that we desperately seek change in the routines that are our lives, when we get the change we longed for we seek familiarity... So, the most critical task on the "to do" list. Get Indian food (can't cook so ready to eat :)) Being a guy I was finished with the shopping in 10 minutes and had about 20 minutes to kill before the cab got back to pick me up.

The owner of the store behind the counter (Also known as Bhaiya or Uncle) seemed harmless enough. So I took the plunge...

Lets skip the conversation and lemme tell you
1. He is from Rajisthan
2. Been in US for 15 years in Tucson for 12 years, 3 years in denver
3. Used to own a 3 Video Shops in Denver before Blockbuster and Netflix started and he moved to Tucson.
4. 1 daughter who is married and lives in Florida (who's inlaws are visiting btw)
5. Her husband is a doc (SURPRISE)
6. 1 son...yup he is a doc too
7. They are traveling to India to find him a Bride.(Sundar, Susheel, Saral ;)). Don't worry his daughter will take care of the shop in his absence.
8. The retail business is good. A big market for Indian stuff. Although they can't return perishable stuff to the supplier.
9. Some things are made for Import while others are the same for Indians and NRIs.
10. A freezer had broken down thus the fewer ready to eat Naans and Kulchas.

I was so proud of myself. Mission accomplished!! MAN I HAVE CHANGED!!!

Next week, out for grocery shopping. I went back to my new "friend". I asked him how's the plan for the trip coming along?? He said o.k. but looked at me weirdly. And it dawned on me..."UNCLE", did not know who the hell I was!!

I have started wearing my "CRAP, U R GONNA TALK TO ME AREN'T U???" shirt again. I think I need new earphones for my ipod.