Sunday, January 25, 2009

with a little help from my friends...

Watched an old movie today..The big chill

I haven't been in touch with too many of people I have known over the years. But I do "ping" a few of them out of the blue some times...this includes adding "friends" on social networking sites. There are people who you haven't talked to in AGES and the next time you call them you just carry on from the last unfinished PJ, or the last abuse they were heaping on you for not being in touch...then there are those who you talk to exitedly for 15 minutes about the old times and the poeople you knew and then the conversation floats into an uncomfortable silence....

I am lucky to have some of the former kind..hope the new people I meet add into that pool...I know I know...wierd stuff to put here but watch the movie, you'll get it.

BTW if you like classic rock, try the OST for this movie....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Free to be bound

Chains holding me down
stalling my flight
Huge abyss of the unknown
waiting to swallow me whole

Cold rusted metal grinding my skin
every move against the inertia is painful
The safety and pleasure of knowning the pain
Afraid of the unknown happiness and exhileration

Living my life by a set of rules
Short term goals laying my life in front of me
Taking a new challange head on
not bothering about how it will pan out

The safe option is constricting my dreams
just like a huge python wraped around me
The unknown deamon has his arms wide open
waiting for me to take the plung

The crossroads are calling
take your pick
die of thirst on your side of the road
or cross the road hoping you won't become roadkill

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sucking it up

He was paralyzed seeing her devoid of life. It would be at least 3 days before they could attend to her. It was time; to give it his all. It had to be a transplant. A bottle, a tube and divine powers of his lungs to move petrol from a Santro to his bike!