Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bang for your buck...

I have had this thought bouncing around in my head for months now. The value for money funda we Indians have, the "Bhaiya, theek theek lagao" syndrome, is absolutely absurd. As the price point of the stuff goes down we start haggling for a smaller share of the money. It is like we are on a conquest and that 10 or 20/- we do not pay the vendor/auto walah will actually redeem the cash splurge on some shitty "Khan" movie at PVR

The sad part is, these 10-20/- would actually make a difference between the other guy actually getting a decent meal or not. Have you ever bargained for 20/- at any of the glitzy showrooms? If they gave you a discount of 100/- did you say "No no, give another 20/- off"?

It is absurd that we get some sort of sadistic pleasure/sense of achievement from actually saving those 20/-, using it for ordering extra cheese on the next Pizza and then paying a 1000/- to the "fitness center" to burn that bloody cheese off our asses....

The bang for your buck could actually be the sound of a poor soul shooting himself! Ironic isn't it?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Driving with no brakes...

Heading towards the shining light
The one that would cure all darkness
Your life whizzing past you
The blinkers keep you on track

Alone on a crowded road
Other bots looking for their own lighthouses
Heading towards your salvation
At last you'll be able to get the answer

Pick up hitchhikers on the way
Feel alive in their presence
You ar no longer sure if you want to keep running
Blasphemy...drop them off, they are slowing you down

Stop to take a breather
Take out the plastic that defines your worth
Your royal fatness not fitting into what you want
Well burning more plastic will save your soul

And then you are in its presence
Like a deer caught in the headlights
Well what am I supposed to do now?
Look for the next flickering light and run...