Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Zoke Time

So this surd from Bhatinda moves to Canada. Gets married to a Canadian. After about a year his wife is pregnant. She says "Sadarji, meri Dadi ma ka naam Denise tha. Agar kudi hui to uda naam vi Denise rakhange" (Dude, my grandma's name was Denise...if we have a baby girl...we'll call her Denise (Yup the Canadian learnt punjabi)).

Well, as with all the surd zokes the surd is surprised with the end result. His wife delivers twins.
A boy and A girl. Sadarji's wife says "Sadarji, kudi da naam to maine rakha, munde da tussi rakh do" (Dude, I selected a name for the girl, why don't you name the boy)

So after about 12 minutes of deep (blue) thot. The surd was struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration.(yup he was a software engineer too)

Girl => Denise Thus by simple deduction Boy => De Nephew!!

and they lived happily ever after!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Finding yourself...again

You are at the eye of the storm
You chose to be here, ignoring the destruction in the wake of your storm.
You enjoy the dark peace.
You deserve the peace and the rest of them had it coming

And then the light shines through,
pulling you towards it.
You follow the light,
Ignoring the pleas of the storm that defined you.

After a few short lived moments, moments of pure ecstasy you think THIS is you.
You decide to leave the storm behind.
Then the truth hits you, and the light fades away forever.
You promise yourself that you will stay out of the storm, you have found yourself.

You stick to the planes of redundant and repetitive shit that is your life.
You will keep your promise to the light.
And then you slip back, back down the muddy slope to the eye of the storm.
Ah there is no place like home...the place where you do not have to struggle to be YOU.

So what if everything you touch will be destroyed?
So what if you failed to keep your promise?
This is who you are.
This is who you were meant to be.

Inspired NOT copied from the movie Unforgiven

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Killer App???

Thinking of buying the iphone?? Wait a might miss the gPhone!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Eye in the sky

I always knew there was some one watching over me.
I knew he was always there.

The kind of presence you feel from the corner of your eye.
The presence you are never able to spot when looking directly at it.

He was waiting for me to acknowledge him.
All he wanted to see was recognition in my eyes

That night ,I felt the cold metal of his bullet
That night I felt the warmth of my blood

He WAS watching over me.
And so was his gun.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Back with a bang!

Has been a long time since I failed.
Long time since I got a letter that starts with a polite regret.

Thanks for bringing me back to where I belong.
Thanks for giving me a challenge.

You'll be proved due course of me!

All the crap about giving 100% and taking what happens is not true...I just wasn't good enough...but I WILL BE...soon!


There are some things that will make you smile every time you see them. This is one of those things. Watch the patient...u'll have a smile at the end!

The site that documents the whole idea HERE

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Connect the dots

Whats the connection between the two?? Lemme know if you need a clue :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dumb and Dumber


See this story. The dumb fuck was trying to use a $1 million bill. EVEN if everything was legitimate WHICH supermarket has a TOTAL cash of $1 million in its cash registers :D.

WAIT WAIT here is the kicker this is not the first time this has happened albeit it was a different person!! Check THIS out.


Monday, October 08, 2007


We waste our lives fighting over colors

color of our skin...
black, white and brown.
Leaving the the innocence and beauty of creation to drown.

Color of our god...
green, saffron and white
Looking for a reason why his god is wrong and yours is right.

Color of money...
well that one is the same for all but still leads to so many things getting screwed.

BRIGHTER...VISIBLE...IN YOUR FACE => Success and happiness!

Sometimes I think if all of us were colorblind we wouldn't be so compulsive in compartmentalizing and categorizing every single thing, but then it figures, we'll just find another way of branding things. Nah, there is no hope at all!!

P.S. If you look at a black and white picture, the emotion is always more prominent than everything for thot!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Make a difference

Deeplaya is a non - government development organization working on issues affecting the urban and rural poor, with a special focus on children.Deepalaya started on July 16, 1979, with five children, two teachers and an investment of Rupees 17,500/- by the seven founding members. By 2005, Deepalaya became the largest operating NGO in the national capital state of Delhi, reaching out to 50,000 children, 76 slums, 84 villages in Mewat and seven villages in Uttarakhand.For the past 28 years Deepalaya has been working in the urban slums of Delhi and has also made inroads into rural development in the states of Haryana and Uttarakhand.

All your contributions will have the facility of 80G (50% tax rebate) and 35 AC (100% tax rebate - donation to the project on health for children and all). Issue the cheque in favour Deepalaya. Deepalaya will keep you informed about the utilization of your contribution.

To know more about "Deepalaya" visit their website and please contact Sudha Parthasarathy,Deputy Director-Marketing, Deepalaya at 011-28525908 directly for any further clarifications/queries.Also requesting all of you to inform your friends who would be interested to support this noble cause and Deepalaya!

You can contribute towards deepalaya at the Vodafone Delhi Half Marathon to be held on 28th Oct.

P.S. - You can donate using a credit card on their website

Monday, October 01, 2007


You look so fragile I could break
But I try to hold myself
Together for the both of us
But in truth I'm just as scared

Snow Patrol - In My Arms