Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Thats what friends are for!!

Hi, I am a physician. A family doctor to be more precise. One of my dearest
friend Kumar is also my patient.

My Dad was his Dad's doctor....so guess we are family friends too. His being
filthy rich is besides the point ;) anyway, Kumar had a problem.....before
dying his dad created a trust fund of all the cash he had and made both kumar and
his wife Nalini the trustees.....being the "new age" couple they are they don't
have kids....

ok, now the problem....they can't stand each other......both of them have
a relationship outside of the marriage and neither wants to part with the money!!
(surpise, huh!!) ok, so where do i come in??? both of em trust ME!!

The other day Kumar approached me for a solution, and as any good friend would,
I obliged him. Not the perfect but the most effective solution was reached.
I gave him the name of a hitman (also my patient).Two days later(yesterday i.e.)
he would have been a free man......but 3 hours after he left Nalini came to me
with the same problem(and as any good friend would,I obliged him.)

Yesterday the Mumbai police found two dead bodies....they belive it was the work
of the underworld, some kind of an extortion racket. Hmmmm I am a bit low since
I lost two good friends but.............

Oh, I forgot to mention uncle's will had a clause, that if both Kumar and Nalini
died, the cash would be passed on to my dad.....ironically he died in a car
accident today morning..........


Praveer said...

Money for nothing eh ?

Epiphany said...

Nah pravz........money IS everything!