Friday, August 20, 2004

Really important things to do.....

Got this on the web.......makes you wonder, these people don't have a life either ;)

"This is a list of just plain fun things to do. I do these every once in a while and it attracts attention, whether it be wanted or not. Here goes: 1. If there is a large crowd of people looking at something which requires perfect silence from the crowd, make sure you're in the back, out of anyone's view. Make a very weird noise. For instance, push the back of your tongue against the back of your throat (near your uvula) and it will make a "ghe" noise. People will wonder about you... 2. If you are on a manual, small form of transportation on a road for cars, wait for an extremely polite driver to give you extra space. If you're lucky enough, he'll have his window open, then you scream "WATCH WHERE YOU'RE DRIVING, (place random cussword here)!!!" 3. If you really want to give someone a fright, be in a car with them at night. Whil the car is off, and it's just you two, hope and pray that they stay silent. Look at the back of a seat or the dashboard. DO NOT make eye contact with them. After a while, scream at the top of your lungs. For added effect, get out of the car and run away. The other person may have a heart attack. 4. This is a cool way to take ANYBODY down. Get going at a good speed, a mix between a slow trot and a jog, then leap up and hook your arm around someone's neck, not pulling it. If they stay up, say, "You passed", and if they fall, you've got them in a headlock!!! This is really only meant for short people like me. Please use these "tricks" and enjoy."