Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Gyan from Feynman..and how true...

I listened to a conversation between two girls, and one was explaining that if you want to make a straight line, you see, you go over a certain number to the right for each row you go up--that is, if you go over each time the same amount when you go up a row, you make a straight line--a deep principle of analytic geometry! It went on. I was rather amazed. I didn't realize the female mind was capable of understanding analytic geometry.

She went on and said, "Suppose you have another line coming in from the other side, and you want to figure out where they are going to intersect. Suppose on one line you go over two to the right for every one you go up, and the other line goes over three to the right for every one that it goes up, and they start twenty steps apart," etc.--I was flabbergasted. She figured out where the intersection was. It turned out that one girl was explaining to the other how to knit argyle socks. I, therefore, did learn a lesson: The female mind is capable of understanding analytic geometry. Those people who have for years been insisting (in the face of all obvious evidence to the contrary) that the male and female are equally capable of rational thought may have something. The difficulty may just be that we have never yet discovered a way to communicate with the female mind. If it is done in the right way, you may be able to get something out of it.

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road_to_perdition said...

ahem! very true, and might i add tht U r way OFF on da road to unnerstandin wat lies within a certain female's mind!! ;) although its also true, by some godforsaken chance, tht u have managed to break a lotta barriers! ;)
warning : a woman's mind...its as entangled as the wire mesh on the LOC!! so if u think u can know every nuance of it then, HELLO! breathe again dude! ;)