Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Mr Murphy SUX

I am usually the odd man out in any group you would like to place me into...
so basically I am a wierdo....searchin for me....whatever that means..

What does that mean??? I am some how under the impression that I am just another guy who becuse is himself is wierd...wierd?? ok ne way no introspection..the point is some how rules don't work for me.....naaaaah I'm not a rebel, it is just that I don't get pissed by the usual stuff, am indifferent to most of the things, if I don't like you you will not exist for me, I hate remixes, love rock and metal, like to be different but also don't want the way so where does MURPHY come into this mess???

what I meant by rules were the usual things by which people swear by.....lucky charms, best friends, relationships these things don't work with me the only thing that works with me is Mr MURPHY's law.....whatever can go wrong(in the conventional sense) will, but since the conventional thing is not working for me MURPHY screws up the things that should work otherwise coz they are not normal and because of the double negative MURPHY is screwing up the wierd stuff AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....
so, basically after another usual day with none of the usual things messed up and fuuking up the wierd stuff(making the wierd stuff wierder) it doesn't Mr MURPHY carry on with your entertainment, It is just making my list of extra curricular activities much more basically whatever is going on was supposed to. LET'S PLAY BALL!!!! M ready!!!

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