Friday, August 20, 2004

The real use for cellphones

Besides singing loudly where others can hear, have you ever dared to think out loud? Start a long conversation with yourself? Nowdays it's possible: just get an old defunct cellphone and an earphone. Sit in the park with the cellphone in your lap and say anything you want, right out loud. Nobody will care. (Just don't dare to try this WITHOUT an obvious cellphone and headset!) Hmmm. Even better. Just wear a headset alone, but with the plug dangling loose in your lap. Passersby will assume that you have a cellphone. But perhaps one or two will look more closely, realize that no cellphone is involved, then suddenly stop smiling. And back away from you carefully.


Anonymous said...

English on your blog?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Epiphany said...

Since U can read it....I guess it is not english

Ambar said...

Katti, is this really you writing? Full sentences???
Full words?????????

Epiphany said...

see your suggestion did make a diff ;)

Praveer said...

There was this guy talking on cellphone and very loud. That was when cellphones were not common around 3-4 years back. So he was in the show-off mode.
He went on and on and on laughing once in a while. Suddenly while he was talking the cellfone rung.

Oops! he smiled sheepishly and started talking again.

smart-alecky said...

Katty, long time since I last visited you blog, in fact long time since I posted a post on mine. :(

Talk on mobile, Its real fun.
I do it when I want to kill time!
May sound wierd, but it actually works. I talk all those things that I ususally wouldn't talk. Heh Heh.
But then the motive is served.
Of course its not for show off. Cos by the time I got my mobile, mobiles were ubiquitous.
I know u will think I'm kiddin ask naudy or dosi they'll verify. Heh Heh Heh
Beeep Beeep Beeep. Call drop.