Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Stuck in a moment?

Back to the single most important thing in life...MUZIK....can't live without it.....can't stand the BAD STUFF!!!

I love rock n metal but don't mind the old stuff like cat steavens or kishore or rafi for that the boss(both springstein and R.D.Burman) but this piece is about the shitty stuff....

Ever had an experience when there is this absolutely lovely song you just can't is like it is stuck to tip of your tounge but you just can't get yourself to get hold of the details....there is nothing more irritating right??? naaaaaaah...there is something even worse....

You are listening to muzik on your walky or PC or take your pick.....somehow the playlist has this absolutely shitty song on it...and being the lazy being(cool huh!) you are you say what the hell let it play....ok no harm remove the ear phones, something is bothering you.....what the hell you have this insane urge to hum some song....who cares?? go ahead and the master piece that comes out is that shitty song......of the 250 odd songs on your playlist this was the only one that is stuck in your headspace!!!!! AAAAAAAAA HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! typically the song would be an ANU MALIK creation like that god forsaken...It's rainin, it's rainin...or i think it was JHANJARIA from GOPI KISHEN, yeah that was it....but it is not like I am puting down hindi muzik there are tonnes of such songs that suck in pop.ALL OF THE TEEN POP STARS a la spears, aguilera, enrique.......but what to do the "HUMAN" brain is a funny will only cling to things that won't make sense......MURPHY, I AM GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!

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