Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wishes and Hopes - I

He wishes he was happy

She makes him happy

When a gust of wind brings her scent, before her,
When he can see the smile on her face.
When her eyes are locked on him,
brimming with the joy of seeing him again...
THIS makes him happy

When he can feel her fingers entwined with his,
When he touches her soft skin.
When her hands are holding on to him,
her head on his shoulder as they walk around...
THIS makes him happy

When he can buy her something that is of no use her , but of value,
When she haggles for the price, the difference of no use to her.
When she laughs outloud, because he is embarrased by this,
throws her head back in laughter and holds him close to her.....
THIS makes him happy

When he can touch her earrings,
When he holds on to her ring around his neck.
When he teases her about what she is wearing,
and she just looks at him, smiles and hides in his arms...
THIS makes him happy

He has never been happier,
He hopes no one asks him WHAT makes him happy.


hmm.... said...

WOWOOWOWOWOW !! I am almost in AWE ! Wonder what II, III ... will be :)

Katty .. is this u writing all this??
Now I am sure there is definitely some inspiration behind this... it cannot all be just imagination !
Cmon.. bata bhi de yaar ;)

Epiphany said...

O the weight of all the expectations!!! Aisa hai...u r free to make your assumptions.....may be u'll figure out the inspiration after II and yeah there wnt be any III nd IV...

And yeah it CAN be all imagination!!

As for names - Jolie nd zeta jones....take your pik..i'll take the other one :)!

Anonymous said...

hopelessly in lurveeeee.. :)