Monday, August 28, 2006

Dead Calm

Standing in line at the post office.
The counter for monthly income and senior citizen schemes.

Completely surrounded by old age
As nervous as I have EVER been

He can't see properly,
has to use a magnifying glass to sign the withdrawal slip.

She can't hear her cell phone ringing.
When she does, it takes her a while to figure out who's call it is.

Their readiness to help each other out.
The guy who can't hear properly, helping out the one who can't see.

The calm with which they stand in a queue.
In no hurry to get their money.

The politeness with which they lend you a pen,
coz you forgot to get one in the hurry of getting there.

The thoroughness with which they confirm the transaction,
Just to be sure, sure for the 100th time.

The fact that they won't stare at you,
coz, you did not let them overtake you.

The fact that they won't start honking,
Coz ur bike in front of their car just won't start, but the light has turned green.

In no hurry to get anywhere,
It is just a wait now.....

I was surrounded by a dead calm,
but it just made me uneasy and nervous.

As nervous as I have EVER been!!


hmm.... said...

Awesome !
where did u go Katty ? or was this also another product of ur incessant imagination !?

Epiphany said...

@hmm...whr did I go?? errr....the first two lines :D