Saturday, August 12, 2006

The wait

He waits for the wind to blow,
to blow in his direction.
Maybe it will carry her sweet smell along,
maybe it will stop hurting so bad.

He waits for his eyes to close,
her memories to fill his mind.
Maybe it will be her next time,
maybe he will be able to hold on next time

He waits for her to wake up,
to look at him and smile.
Maybe next time he will be able to watch her sleep,
maybe she will be able to help him sleep

He waits for it to get cold,
for her ring around his neck touch him and take his breath away.
Maybe next time it will be her touch,
maybe THIS time he won't have to wait.....


Anonymous said...

what happened da??
Your posts have changed so much!!

Shubhraa said...

I promised i'd post a comment... i did. Right now, am just reelin..... from u!

Epiphany said...

@ anon - just grew a brain dude....leave your name and i'll let you know the progress frm the last time we met!!

@ Shubs - bouncer comnt...3 din se samajh nai aaya....and the joke was not THAT bad!