Thursday, August 17, 2006

Drunk and desperate = Dogs!

Got a SMS from a friend at about 5:30 in the morning. She was really pissed about something. A really bad day. That was wierd given the fact she had just returned from a party(stop, don't make assumptions...I know her and what u r thinking is not correct)!! Anyhow, I gave her a call and could make out she had been crying. As it turned out, a couple of guys got drunk, and started fighting over her at the party. The scene was ambarrasing no doubt. Here is the clincher...they actually blamed HER for the whole mess coz she didn't wanna have anything to do with either of them. She was sober, and these jerks were sloshed!

The fact that they were elder to her doesn't hold coz men are about 4 years behind their age in maturity anyway....but I for the life of me CAN NOT understand how the FUCK can you treat a girl as a bloody commodity man! Just because YOU have a miserable love life and she is out of your is not HER fault....that is your "manufacturing defect" !!

On top of that when you can't hold on to your alcohol....shut your mouth and drink water!! How can you live with your self when you let some liquid actually control you and the next day you end up grovelling for forgiveness!

Anyway men are dogs guys be a GOOD DOG....and BEHAVE!!

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hmm.... said...

Katty ! really appreciate ur blog on Drunk thing.. very few men accept this fact ! hats off to u .. !
seems like there is still a lot about u that i do not know yet !