Thursday, August 31, 2006

I belong to HER

I was born for her,
Just like everybody else, I'll have my chance.

My first cry was a call to her,
26 years hence, I'm still waitng for the moment

I have seen people reach her,
The peace of getting the final piece of the puzzle.

It is not a matter of choice, or chance,
It is just a matter of when.

She waits for me, with her arms wide open,
She will not judge me, just make me a part of eternity.

I can't see her face, I can't tell you if she is smiling,
I don't know if the tears on her face are of joy or sorrow.

Then I get out of my bed, and walk down the corridor,
She is standing there waiting for me.

I have never felt more alive,as the breeze blows through my hair,
As I fall from the 10th floor balcony, to reach her, where all of us were born to be.

1 comment:

hmm.... said...

Agreed to every word u said.. each one of us has to meet HER.. and you penned it beautifully :)
but this kind of put me into thinking .. "26yrs hence.. i m still waiting for the moment"
Dont you think theres lot in life u gotta see and do before u meet HER?