Friday, August 18, 2006

The lost gem

Recently the movie "Bluffmaster" was a rage in urban India. The soundtrack was pretty funky assorted collection of old songs remixed, some new "hip-hop" tunes (Desi ishtyle) and a coup[le of tracks by Trickbaby. If you remember the nasal twang in the song "say na say na"...THAT was Trickbaby....for the record, I LOATH that song. So why am I writing this? Wellllllll...this band had released an album earlier....Hanging around I think it was called. You might remember the single "Slipping Through Your Fingers". Well the same album had this song. It wasn't a remix and surprisingly nice to hear. Worth a listen....

Band: Trickbaby(wiki page)
Song: Sea of Stories
Album: Hanging Around

Curled around my roots you built your house on me
Tired to your lazy bones securing my affection
Tugging at the space – it’s my sweet liberty
Man of you disposition never known rejection
I will not be bought
Like a rare endangered butterfly I’ve bee caught

Captured in your net – in the sea of your stories
Opened up my mind to infinite glories
Holding up the stars I don’t want the night to end
I thank you God it was an angel that you sent

Crying in the square is this the way to live
Kiss away the solitude – I think I’ve fallen
Running in the dark we play the fugitive
Secrets of women I have learned but have not spoken
I will not be bought like a rare endangered butterfly I’ve been caught

Caught in your net
In the sea of your love
Opened my mind
Now I can’t get enough
Hold onto stars
As I hold onto you
I’m thanking you God
The angel is you



Bombay Addict said...

Dude - sorry, but this not about your post. Thanks for your comment on my blog. A tag is just a list of questions thought of by someone that he sends to his friends/bloggers who then have to pass it on to their friends/bloggers till God knows when. Grr....

sandeep said...

send the song