Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Haven't had a decent night's sleep for the last 5 cup and the test match. Had planned to complete my quota of sleep today(no good matches in Germany today). I guess will be able to do that if it rains in St.Lucia today. Well the test match will be a good watch today, with India requireing 9 wickets for a victory after rain screwed up India's position yesterday. The rotten luck continues.....

Surprizes.....every one thought that Brazil winning this WC was a foregone conclusion. After the performances by the Czech republic, Argentina and the african minnows...Ecuador, Trinidad and Tobego (allthough Ghana and Togo lost their matches they did play pretty well ) The Brazil Vs ------ final will be a good contest :). (m not a Brazil supporter, a fan none the less....actually support France....)

Disappointments - performances by France and England......somehow the European guys are unable to play decent football in the afternoon (the 6:30 and 9:30 pm games (IST))

Bloopers....The Russian ref in France Vs Swiss. I think that guy was drunk!!! The one that takes the cake is the goalkeeper of the team from Ghana(I think his name is Kinston ). Pretty decent when defending direct shots at goal. Get a corner or a set-piece and watch the fun. That dude could not TOUCH the ball!!O man that was Hillarious.....

After a good night's work, when you are too tired to move your head, and your body starts to melt into the pillow......hmmmm......Another night with no sleep (5 Hrs DO NOT count when the minimum I need are 8!!) problemo......The voices in my head are getting louder, gotta get out the war paint and start warming up for the 6:30 game......see ya......soooooon

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