Friday, June 09, 2006

The Pilgrimage starts today!

The football world cup starts today!!(NO, it is not soccer or futball or futbal....for it to be football 1. The BALL has to be round 2. You are supposed to play with your FEET!!!!)

For details of the schedule and contry specific TV times and a LOT more you can download the .xls workbook from HERE.

Obviously, Brazil is gonna win it again, but watchin the underdogs is going to be FUN!


sandeep said...

brazil is losing in the semi final this time

remove the stupid word verification for comment posting

Epiphany said...

Nope, they can lose in the finals....the will most prob meet england in the semis so no hope of losin there!!

U lazy bum, dnt even wana type or did u'r specs gave up on u?? :)

removed it..have fun!

sandeep said...

dengu !