Thursday, June 08, 2006


I needed some info, if you know anything about it please lemme know :)

1) Movie - Ed TV
Scene - Matthew McConaughey goes to Jenna Elfman's flat, some shit happens and he is dancing with Elfman's roommate......The help I need is this: In the background the song playing is a remixed version of "Do wah diddy". PLEASE tell me who is the artist (of that version).

Trivia: The original was done by The Exciters however the cover by Manfred Mann was the more popular hit.

2) Cate Blanchet's movie(as in she was the lead...) about a reporter who took on the Irish Mob. The movie has the song Everlasting love by U2 on the OST. What, I SAY, is the name of the movie?????
More Info - The scene when the song plays is when her husband has a fight with her regarding the time she is spending on the story rather than the family and the song starts playing in the background and slowly fades in.......

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