Monday, June 26, 2006

Another one bites the dust

Another weekend gone.....15th day of sleep deprevation!

Saturday: Watched Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb by Stanley Kubrick interesting muvi, nice idea and worth in monochrome so gotta get used to it.....finished watchin The big Lebowski starring Jeff Bridges, Juliane Moore, Seymore Hoffman (Capote), John goodman....yup an all star cast, din't like the movie tho', something was missing can't figure out what but still, not the usual run of the mill comedy....just about watchable I guess...sis came back from a Nokia 3250 :) (yup...Parental advisory.. the gloating starts NOW!)
Got a couple of CDz
Apocalyptica - Plays metallica by 4 cellos A really diferent take on metallica, still as powerfull as always.....

Rammstein - Mutter
YUP, it is in German. No, I do not understand German....but is still a GREAT BUY!! If you do not know who(or what) Rammstein is then in the muvi xXx (vin diesel flick) during the first sequence a band is playing and a lot of fireworks are at work well THAT is these guys....

Also, FINALLY got my hands on Capote's In cold blood will start that one soon...I hope....lotsa chocs too.....spent the rest of the day- night, whatever was left, fiddling wid the phone, watchin WC (let down!!) and the test match......

Sunday: Watched Raging Bull Deniro is AMAZING in this one, better than his performance in Taxi Driver almost done with Maximum City, ONE GREAT BOOK this of the few books that were able to keep me away from the PC and the tube!! what else, pestered sis....and the WC yeah the WC
England is screwed (or so I thot..) Erikson is a defensive ninkampoop!! man how can somebody sap out all the creativity from a side and make them play like Egypt!! Oh, yeah I know, make substitutions....but then came the battle of Neuremberg....Portugeese Vs Dutch......Ronaldo gets injured 15 yellow cards, 4 red cards, the Russian ref's biceps must be as big as the incredible hulk now....1-0 to Portugal....wok, England are not screwed...WHY? well half the bludy side is on yellows...decco and costiniah can't play the next, ronaldo is injured (not sure if he'll play the next one!!)....MAN, it WAS like a boxing match (for once I agree wid the "expert" pannel)....neway....gotta finish the book......lotsa muviz to watch.....lets wait for the next pit stop (yup missed the F1 race, coz of Mr. Suketu Mehta)

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hmm.... said...

all greek to me !
ur muzik ! ur muvis ! ur soccer !!
u got nethng in plain english !!?