Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Food for thot?

This post may be biased as I HATE food and the fact that we need to eat.

I was talkin to one of my IIIT batchmates Sanjeeth (can't put a link here because that bugger gave up on blogging). I asked him the typical question - Hows life?.....his answer also typical and expected (for a s/w prof anyway) - WHAT life? Life doesn't exist....ANYWHERE!

This got me thinking, 2-3 days later (late reaction as usual), when I got a forward with the link to BHOOKH. Imagine if you never EVER have to eat again.

You can do what you WANT and not what you NEED to do.

You will not bother about your COST to your company.

You will not have an stomach upset (this monday :( )

There will be nobody below the poverty line (they are spending all their on food after all)

There will be no need for reservations ( No food => No need for Money => No need for jobs => only the people who WANT to study WILL study)

There will be no caste system ( No menial jobs left to perform which introduced the caste system in the first place)

Kids won't be sold as prostitutes and domestic helps (they were sold coz their "parents" didnot have food to eat or feed the kids).

Dawood would be pursuing a carrer in pure mathematics and chaos theory.

Software proffesionals won't spend mind numbing hour after hour waitng for a challenge.

you wouldn't be bored outta your mind reading this and then posting a comment. ( :) worth a try )

You won't need a bloody website to feed small kids!!

Root of all possible evil Hunger.......No need for food => No hunger = > ????

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hmm.... said...

hmmm... deep thought..
but even if there is no hunger for food.. there 'll be hunger for power, hunger for knowledge, etc, etc.. so the equation comes back to same thing.. MONEY !
and yes .. there'll be more people living in the world ! so there 'll be a hunger for space too !!