Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Zoke Time

So this surd from Bhatinda moves to Canada. Gets married to a Canadian. After about a year his wife is pregnant. She says "Sadarji, meri Dadi ma ka naam Denise tha. Agar kudi hui to uda naam vi Denise rakhange" (Dude, my grandma's name was Denise...if we have a baby girl...we'll call her Denise (Yup the Canadian learnt punjabi)).

Well, as with all the surd zokes the surd is surprised with the end result. His wife delivers twins.
A boy and A girl. Sadarji's wife says "Sadarji, kudi da naam to maine rakha, munde da tussi rakh do" (Dude, I selected a name for the girl, why don't you name the boy)

So after about 12 minutes of deep (blue) thot. The surd was struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration.(yup he was a software engineer too)

Girl => Denise Thus by simple deduction Boy => De Nephew!!

and they lived happily ever after!


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Shubhraa said...

This is the ideal time for a CHAMAT! Coming back to India has left you numb.

Alien said...

long time no pen?

Epiphany said...

@Alien: Hey pal...was swamped with work...will get back soon...I think :)