Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Make a difference

Deeplaya is a non - government development organization working on issues affecting the urban and rural poor, with a special focus on children.Deepalaya started on July 16, 1979, with five children, two teachers and an investment of Rupees 17,500/- by the seven founding members. By 2005, Deepalaya became the largest operating NGO in the national capital state of Delhi, reaching out to 50,000 children, 76 slums, 84 villages in Mewat and seven villages in Uttarakhand.For the past 28 years Deepalaya has been working in the urban slums of Delhi and has also made inroads into rural development in the states of Haryana and Uttarakhand.

All your contributions will have the facility of 80G (50% tax rebate) and 35 AC (100% tax rebate - donation to the project on health for children and all). Issue the cheque in favour Deepalaya. Deepalaya will keep you informed about the utilization of your contribution.

To know more about "Deepalaya" visit their website http://www.deepalaya.org and please contact Sudha Parthasarathy,Deputy Director-Marketing, Deepalaya at 011-28525908 directly for any further clarifications/queries.Also requesting all of you to inform your friends who would be interested to support this noble cause and Deepalaya!

You can contribute towards deepalaya at the Vodafone Delhi Half Marathon to be held on 28th Oct.

P.S. - You can donate using a credit card on their website


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