Monday, October 08, 2007


We waste our lives fighting over colors

color of our skin...
black, white and brown.
Leaving the the innocence and beauty of creation to drown.

Color of our god...
green, saffron and white
Looking for a reason why his god is wrong and yours is right.

Color of money...
well that one is the same for all but still leads to so many things getting screwed.

BRIGHTER...VISIBLE...IN YOUR FACE => Success and happiness!

Sometimes I think if all of us were colorblind we wouldn't be so compulsive in compartmentalizing and categorizing every single thing, but then it figures, we'll just find another way of branding things. Nah, there is no hope at all!!

P.S. If you look at a black and white picture, the emotion is always more prominent than everything for thot!

1 comment:

Meenakshi said...

Interesting one..
I can only add on this.. In black and white.. you have the freedom to fill in the colours u want.. and there are no colours thrusted upon u .. so no question of a fight when everyone gets to see what they wanna see ;)