Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Death and Marriage

They are dressed in their best clothes. There in front of everyone.

Their faces are peaceful, impatient for a new start.

A long queue of people, waiting to see them, the last time as individuals.

They knew this was gonna happen. It was just a matter of time.

All the people who matter are there.

The only difference being in one case they have a choice of heaven or hell. In which case, I'll let you decide ;)

P.S. - Dint get it?
Case 1: They are at their marriage reception.
Case 2: They just died and are laying in their coffins.

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Smart-Alecky said...

I thought it was both for the marriage reception. the second was rather for the time when they were taking 7 rounds around the holy sacred fire, while the priest was chanting hyms in sanskrit interspresed with translations in hindi for the common and as much english for the ones dressed in orientals, with a funny witty comments every now and then.

I too go to marriage receptions/parties.