Friday, December 29, 2006

ATLAST, I've won....

....or so I thot. I tend to keep my phone switched off so that I can be "unreachable" when I want to. Anyway, I made the mistake of keeping my phone switched on around Christmas time as I was at home and playing snakes (Hi Score: 28,76,095) .

I get this call from a mobile. I usually do not pick up when somebody calls from a land line to avoid explaining to them why I do not need a loan. So I pick up the call and this happens

Me: Yullo

Her: Saar, your number has been picked for the Diwali bonanza saar! (some kid crying in the background)

Me: Uh huh (I WON!! but I never entered any form I WON!! Diwali bonanza in December? may be they are running late OH SHUT UP I WON!!!)

Her: You can come and pick up your gift

Me: When?

Her: Saar, are you married?

Me: (man this was fast....I must sound REALLY sexy (only) on the phone)

Her: Well do you stay with your parents?

Me: (slightly annoyed) No but I can get there on my own

Her: No No...Saar, actually we give the gifts only to couples

Me: HUH?

Her: Do you know ANY couples? Sisters, Brothers...

Me: (WHAT THE...) No.....

Her: Ok SAAR, please hold...

Me: OK then I'm not interested....( On hold...listening to some shitty Kenny G tune that plays in all the elevators and Indian Airlines flights )

Her: (after keeping me on hold for 2 min)

Me: Listen, I'm not interested!! CLICK! (I would've slammed the receiver but these mobiles have been designed for a telemarketer free world you see)

I collapse in my bed after this intense workout, thinking I think I need a loan to buy something I neither need nor want. THEY HAVE SUCCEEDED!!

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