Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pothole Society

Today, after about 2 months I got stuck in a typical B'lore traffic jam. The kinds because of which I spend 45 minutes to get to my office...6 Kms away.

Anyhow, with all the variety of specimens that end up driving it is a pretty interesting mix.

The rules of India still apply though:

1) You always curse the person whose vehicle is of the same size as yours or smaller.

2) In case of an accident, the guy with a bigger gadi is at fault. Any damage to the bigger vehicle is well deserved.

3) The middle class which is the first to break the rules (drive on the footpath) is also the first to curse the infrastructure (yup me too).

4) Basic logic, driving sense and common courtesy are fairy tales

5) You curse the media (Fm radio) for being pathetic and still listen to them and try to save the world via SMS (please let us know if saddam should be hangged or tickled to death. Please send us a solution to the Kashmir/Mid east/ iraq/Constipation/stray dogs).

6) You curse the autowala who just spit in front of you and never think twice before watering any greenery next to the stick no bills or a no parking sign.

7) Reliance is still leveling the playing field. (The guy on a cycle just passed you while you are stuck in the traffic was telling his would, could, should or may be wife/gf how bad the traffic is)

All beacouse they don't build flyovers/metros/mono-rails I TELL YOU!

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