Friday, January 05, 2007

Shit Happens

Stuck in the same kind of traffic jam as mentioned in the previous post. The cop said ok your turn and we kick our gadiyan into gear.

Well I'm a good driver, have been for 8 years...well am fast not rash...ok ok a bit rash. However, the few accidents that I've had, have always been at a slow speed, some of them were my faults.

So, we roar from the start line and then my bike is lying on the road and I'm standing next to it. AAAAAAAA the cop is hitting this guy and shouting at him. The guy was on a fiero and was trying to save the 5 minutes he would have had to spend at the signal. He shrugs off the cop and looks at me while lifting his bike. I look at my bike. No visible damage. That guy moves to the side of the road. I try starting my bike, which obliged dutifully after a bit of coaxing though.

As, I'm leaving the scene of the crime I look back an the cop looks at me as if asking "OK your turn now." I just didn't react. Looked ahead and moved on. Well the bike was fine, so was I. I wasn't interested in beating up the guy (I don't want to take advantage of my build you see :)) neither I felt the need to extort money from that guy for any damage that didn't happen. Or maybe I have become too soft coz of the "chalta hai" attitude.

Shit happens. What to do we are like this only.

Dude, if you are reading this, I hope you are doing fine. And yeah start wearing a helmet. AND LEARN TO STOP!

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Smart-Alecky said...

I totally agree.

There was this guy the other day.

I was on the ring road, pitch dark nothing except the beam of my headlights and the occasional day due to the flight landing or taking off. And here comes this guy, no headlight, no tail light, no indicators. Had it not been for that oncoming car in whose light I was some thing black thing moving I would have had crashed into him at 90+. Don't ask me how much + is that +.

I brake hard, from 90+ to almost sub 15 levels. And as if fate had already scribbled it, my front tyre just brushed across his rear mud guard, and I was arms in arms with the asphalt.

Scratch on the visor, scratch on my helmet visor, bike's silencer, handle skewed. And that SOB, hindi main "rand* ka pill** " (sorry for spoiling your blog) just didn't look back and hurried off with his bike swaying left left again and then right. He was drunk.

Why didn't he die that day, would saved a lot many.

And then it the time of those people who are interested in watching the show and that too free of cost.
"What happenned saaaaar?" Yes there were as many 'a's in saaar.
I am lying on the road and nobody comes to see if I am breathing or help me pick my bike.
"Kiska galti saaaaaaaaaar?"
"Abe ghantu teri ma ki!"
Na tujhe paida karti na tujh jaise bevkoof hote.

Zroooom. and I am off.