Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back to school

Some teachers make siting in class after a heavy lunch on a Saturday afternoon fun.

This was during our Macroeconomics class...We have a distributed class as in a part of the class is in Chennai. The prof saw that the Chennai guys were not participating in the discussion...the following happened:

Prof: Chennai....I hope you are with us...at least in spirit
Wise Ass: Sir, Spirits in the evenings
Prof: Is it...everyday??
Wise Ass: Between bouts of laughter...yes sir
Prof: I think I need to be in Chennai next week
Most of us are shit scared of our Stats prof...anyway he is another cool guy...at least from his choice in music ;) ....the following is from his slides

Sing along with Bob Dylan...
How many deviations does a statistician fly
Before he can cross much of it [the data]?
The answer my friend is Chebyshev Theorem
The answer is Chebyshev Theorem

I know it is geeky....but still fun ;)


S said...

*dazed*...geek nahi NERD!! serious nerdiness is apparant! ... therefore, hence proved!

austere said...

Well, hello.

Won't attempt to look at the theorem.

Added to reader.

Speed Post said...

Which "FLY" are you talking bout?