Monday, August 11, 2008

Sound of silence

They were hiding in the bush. Men with machetes looking for their god’s revenge. She held her hand on her daughter’s mouth, to stop her from screaming, to save her life. The keepers of faith left their spot, her child no longer scared. She lifted her hand, the kid wasn’t breathing anymore…to save her life.

P.S. - Based on a combination of a scene from the movie Parzania and a scene from Season finale of M*A*S*H


manuscrypts said...

ouch... good one though

Cynic in Wonderland said...

hmmmm. morbid. good but morbid

road_to_perdition said...

Also inspired from Bollywood?

Epiphany said...

@Manu: :)

@Cynic: Yeah morbid...but the sad part is it may have happened!

@RTP - I wouldn't use "inspired" and "bollywood" in the same sentence :)

Hema said...

Nice one!!!