Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Public Carrier

Standing there, drenched to the bone
Tiered hands no longer capable of driving
Voices in your head feeling uncomfortable
You can feel his gaze right on you

The bespectacled eyes, staring right at you
You look directly at him
wishing he will look away
Then you realize, he is unaware of your presence

Sitting there in the back of a blue semi-truck
Stuck in a traffic jam his eyes focused on a distant point
His mind churning endlessly
Trying to figure out what happened

Holding on to his life and memories
All his possessions are traveling with him
The new destination as alien to him as the road he is traveling on
Just a fistful of memories of what had been

The age of his dreams is reflected on his sad face.
The eyes lack the any life or anticipation
At least he got a ride to his new home on this godforsaken day
Maybe that is why the truck is called a Public Carrier.

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