Monday, March 31, 2008

Tiny happy people

Bald as a cue-ball
Aspiring to be 2 feet tall

The toothless grin
Burying in his chest the tiny chin

Mister know it all
Always ready to talk to the doll

Those deep dark eyes
Looking at everything with surprise

All the tiny fingers
Each feather touch that forever lingers

The weirdly funny crawl
The man of the house is on the prowl

The silence the house when he is asleep
Just makes you long for his laugh that resembles a sheep.

For Arul - Happy 1st B'day in advance ;)


Meenakshi said...

Lucky Arul... you have an 'awe'-some uncle ;)
Mr mamaajee.. jus too good :)

road_to_perdition said...

Happy Birthday Teddy Bear Arul!!
I hope you read this when you grow older...ur toothless grin IS to die for!! :)
*hug* *hug*

Anonymous said...

good one katy..

proud of you..


Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot...Mammu!!! Waiting to have u over 4 the b'day bash:):)

Kalkoholism said...

Good one :) Congrats Uncle!

Shubhraa said...

Haappy haappy birthday Arul.

Mamu, take this as a printout and ask Gauri to store it for our lil genius. He'll be so proud when he is able to read and understand what his mamu did for him.