Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mentally Detrimental Dental Science

Sooooo...haven't been posting regularly lately. Here is the reason..

After a LONG time had to visit a dentist as the toothache was UNBEARABLE. I consider my threshold of pain to be pretty high, but that day even the painkillers stopped working. Anyhoo, so finally went to this "dentist" at a "reputed" clinic near my home. The doc was nice enough to tell me your face is swollen you need root canal treatment. WO! he didn't even need a X-Ray to determine that MAN he must be good.

So, the treatment moved to the dentist's chair with me in a compromising position (NO YOU FILTHY MIND, I MEAN I HAD ANESTHESIA PUMPED IN MY MOUTH. GAWD!). Well I should have guessed all is not well when the hose called suction tube kept being shoved down my throat by the "dentist's assistant"(18-20 yr old kid). And then the doc says shit, I figured my dental hygiene needs help, alas I am still suffering from that momentary lapse of competency on the dentists part.

He said, OK.. enjoy..come back in 2 days I'll finish the job, here is my mobile number. Pretty helpful guy yaar I thought. He was just covering his ass I guess.

Thursday evening-
Me - Doctor my face is swollen up
Doc - It is ok, take the antibiotics and it will go away.

Friday evening -
Me - Doctor my face looks like yours (how I wish I had said that)
Doc - It is ok, take the antibiotics and it will go away.

Sat Morning

DAD - You need to change doctors!
Me - Doctor my face is swollen up, no change AT ALL
Doc - OK come meet me, I'll take a look at it.
Doc - Hmm...you are allergic to the medicine I placed in the cavity, it is VERRRRRY rare.

I thought atleast the dude knows the reason!

Sunday Morning
Me - Doctor my face is swollen up, no change AT ALL
Doc - (SHIT! he would have thought) ok stop the antibiotics and meet me.
DAD - You need to change doctors!

Monday Morning
DAD - You need to change doctors!
Me - Well that seems harsh!
DAD - I am the one who has to look at your face. (I think he thot!)
Me - well OK, I like being an equal opportunity patient.

New DOC - WTF?? (no no he did not say that but MEANT it)! what happened?
Me - blah blah blah
New Doc - The tooth and gums are completely septic (infected) now, go pray to your gods that we can save the tooth(I rolled over and started glory glory Man Utd and the doc begged me to stop).

Well after numerous photo shoots of the tooth (for the benefit of mankind and dental students ) and ALL the NOOB docs and Interns taking a look at my mouth poking with shiny pointy thingys, it was decided to start treatment.

I still have to go to the hospital EVERYDAY at 9 BLOODY A.M. to recover from the shit incident that happened in the vicinity of my teeth.

I can't sue the guy as the new doc doesn't want to get involved in a 10yr battle and neither do I. For the same reason I am not mentioning the Clinic (extension of a well known hospital in Bangalore) or the "Doctor"'s name.

If I do not update the blog in the next week, consider me to be in a compromising position in a dentist's chair some where in Bangalore.


Cynic in Wonderland said...

ouchhhhhhhhhh...that sounds like it hurts. dentists in principle should be banned and jokers with a sense of humour and a degree from jhumri talaya should be dumped into the ocean.

pliss to be mentioning doctor name and clinic name so unsuspecting public can avoid it?

Kalkoholism said...

Dude! They killed me when I was there. I have seen the white light and right now using my next life.

Meenakshi said...

oye.. yeh kya hua..
hope u are better now yaar..
please do tak care..

road_to_perdition said...

LOL :D so u have bling in ur mouth now??

Anonymous said...

"I consider my threshold of pain to be pretty high"- that is highly subjective and very unscientific remark to make.

Epiphany said...

@ Cynic - agree with the banning part..Clinic/doc can't will get sued :(

@ Kalkoholism - I am looking into the white light everyday nowadays :(

@ aachi - Haan ji..will do

@RTP - No bling only bleeps

@nithya - Agreed...In case I gave an impression that my blog was objective and scientific i apologize profusely.

Madhavan said...

i went to this guy at a medical college...he was a lecturer there...and he made me sit on that chair, opened my mouth and called all his students over to watch the procedure...felt like a guinea pig...but he did a real good job..