Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rat race

Had a re-think after reading Cynic's post

Get up, get out, get on with it...
Another day in paradise
Tired limbs, wasted brain and a numb soul
Take a shot of your fix and get on with it.

Blank stares into infinity
Programmed fingers programming machines
Clocks running your brain
Your brain running you like clockwork

Finally, back on the road to redemption
Road rage and speed that is the rage today
Get back to your "secondary" education
Groggy eyes and tired mind thinking, I can't do this again.

7:00 a.m....Get up, get out, get on with it...


Cynic in Wonderland said... my agency days, we used to have a term for this called striving humanoids. thats what most of life is isnt it? programmed, robotic living - sapping, same and senseless.

guess thats why the small moments of doing something different are so important.

Alien said...

though I'd just drop by
to say hi ...

long time .. nice to see the words still flowing!

Epiphany said...

@ Cynic - yup..losing my grip on those small moments of redemption is what scares me...:(

@ Alien - Hey Bud! how have u been...yeah I'm still muttering and rambling :)