Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I had this weird feeling on seeing a 6 year old coming out of a masjid wearing the small cap they wear while praying. It was a feeling of guilt I guess. It is just that every time there is an attack our attitude towards Muslims changes so dramatically! I think it takes a lot of courage on their behalf to still venture out with symbols of their religion that may mark a target on their back identifying them as Muslims. We need this explicit reaction from them denouncing the attack. They need to prove each time some idiot blows himself up that the rest of them did not have a hand in it. No body asked me to condemn the Babri masjid crap or the 84 Sikh riots. It is known that all these were heinous acts. I think the Indian Muslim is searching for an identity right now, the public is pushing him into a corner and the politicians are milking the situation. I hope we never get to a situation when I'll have to ask for the other person's religion before talking to him/her. BTW I am not a secularist or a communalist or supporter of any other "-ism".....

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