Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Trafficker

Everybody knows we Bangaloreans NEED traffic cops to maintain a semblance of sanity on the roads. To avoid jams a lot the traffic has moved to the various by lanes that litter Bangalore. I use one such "cross" road everyday. The traffic used to be BAD. Then one day lo and behold our prayers were answered. An old gentleman was standing there at 7:30 a.m. directing traffic. Brilliant! there IS a god. Now however, I guess that guy was just bored and wanted to see how many fools will follow him. I don't think he is the real deal...well here is why..

1) He wears a weird ensemble of clothes. I am no fashion critic but I haven't seen a cop wear stuff he comes up with...A jacket with a monkey cap and a muffler....with shorts that would put gymnasts to shame.

2) When he really gets pissed, he just holds up traffic because he can, continuously blowing his whistle at an unseen bullock cart that may cross us at any instant..at the speed of well cows..

3) Then there are moments when his arms are going around like a windmill and everybody is wondering who the hell is supposed to stop and who can go ahead...needless to say nobody stops...

4) He sometimes talks to Cows, AND gives them preference over pedestrians.

But I am still glad he is there coz every once in a while a new sucker shows up and stops at our "Cop's" command and you have a smile on your face as you drive past that guy!


austere said...


Creating history.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

cows eh? the bovine variety or are you just talking about bad femme drivers eh?

Epiphany said...

@austere - :)

@Cynic - No no I would never equate women drivers to cows...maniacs may be but never cows :P

Solilo said...

Ha..ha..I have seen Monkey cap wearing traffic police. Talking to Cows and whistling at unseen Bullock carts..eh?