Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Doggone Rant

Now that the euphoria has subsided, here is my take on the slumdog saga....

Don't you think celebrating an award that treats all languages except English as foreign language is too much?

It is not an Indian Movie, it is a movie about stop pretending an Indian movie won an Oscar.

A.R. Rahman and Pukuty winning are indeed a matter of Joy.

I did not like the song Jai Ho...

Slumdog wasn't the best movie of the year.

The slum kids won't be rescued, their lives won't change for the better!


For people who criticized the movie for being poverty porn...stop taking yourself so is just a film.

For people who said that poverty wasn't shown properly (Heard this from an "expert" on Times Now)...well shut the fuck can't even live in Mumbai without the damn AC.

Mr. Big B - Mumbai indeed has slums.

To the media that was so hell bent upon redeeming the lives of the slum kids, PLEASE contribute to their cause rather than have a talk show on how much the should have been paid.

For those who sued Anil Kapoor for being in a movie called Slumdog...should you rather be "helping" the people you claim to saviors of?

All of us feel are glad that we are not in the place of the families in the slums so stop being politically correct and admit thing I hope no one lives in slums but I'd rather it is you than me!

BTW Remember 26/11?? U don't? Don't feel guilty, you'll forget these kids too...all we can ask for is consistency nai??

The perfect song for mumbai...


austere said...

Rant, he said.

Epiphany said...

:) and I should have said...?

Speed Post said...

You really sound angry:) everything ok???

Cynic in Wonderland said...

..ah. consistency of short term memory we have. we are all a race of sanjay singhanias eh?

Eveline said...

Awesome! You show them :)

Solilo said...

Obviously! now that the euphoria has subsided no one is going to remember the kids. SDM kids are expelled from school for bunking for the film shoot.

Epiphany said...

@Speed post - not angry just irked :(

@Cynic - Yup yup I thot it was limited to cricket but alas!

@Eve - :) a hint of sarcasm I see ;)

@Solilo - yeah..and one kid was slapped for not talking to the media MAN!

S said...

I do not like the song 'jai ho' either...oscar jury is demented
But i am surprised how little flurry 'Smile Pinky' created...i mean it is a real story after all...with a happy ending! :-|