Friday, September 28, 2007

The void of loss

You feel free.
Almost afloat in the air.
Nothing to tie you down.
Nothing to hold you back.

Ah the freedom of flight.
The absence of responsibilities.
No boundaries of futile attempts at humor.
Ah the spontaneity of a leap.

The gust of wind in your hair.
The darkness of the abyss rushing towards you.
The only source of light getting away.
And the solitary tear reappears.

Then you realize, you are not are orphaned.
You are not floating it is your worst fall.
Your arms are flailing to grasp at anything around.
You wish somebody/someone had held you back and completed the puzzle.


dewdropz said...

was simple yet cutting...nice work!

Epiphany said...

Thanks :) Glad u liked it...Keep visiting