Saturday, September 08, 2007

Small Talk II

If you know me then you know I can't have the "Howz the weather" kinda conversation. That usually leaves me with my iPod when around new people. So I tried to change during this trip to Amreeka!!

It is a bit weird that we desperately seek change in the routines that are our lives, when we get the change we longed for we seek familiarity... So, the most critical task on the "to do" list. Get Indian food (can't cook so ready to eat :)) Being a guy I was finished with the shopping in 10 minutes and had about 20 minutes to kill before the cab got back to pick me up.

The owner of the store behind the counter (Also known as Bhaiya or Uncle) seemed harmless enough. So I took the plunge...

Lets skip the conversation and lemme tell you
1. He is from Rajisthan
2. Been in US for 15 years in Tucson for 12 years, 3 years in denver
3. Used to own a 3 Video Shops in Denver before Blockbuster and Netflix started and he moved to Tucson.
4. 1 daughter who is married and lives in Florida (who's inlaws are visiting btw)
5. Her husband is a doc (SURPRISE)
6. 1 son...yup he is a doc too
7. They are traveling to India to find him a Bride.(Sundar, Susheel, Saral ;)). Don't worry his daughter will take care of the shop in his absence.
8. The retail business is good. A big market for Indian stuff. Although they can't return perishable stuff to the supplier.
9. Some things are made for Import while others are the same for Indians and NRIs.
10. A freezer had broken down thus the fewer ready to eat Naans and Kulchas.

I was so proud of myself. Mission accomplished!! MAN I HAVE CHANGED!!!

Next week, out for grocery shopping. I went back to my new "friend". I asked him how's the plan for the trip coming along?? He said o.k. but looked at me weirdly. And it dawned on me..."UNCLE", did not know who the hell I was!!

I have started wearing my "CRAP, U R GONNA TALK TO ME AREN'T U???" shirt again. I think I need new earphones for my ipod.


Meenakshi said...

hee hee..
but dont lose hope so soon .. am sure there ll be someone who ll remember u over the 'hows the weather' talk :)
btw.. did u chk he wasnt kiddin wit u? ;)

road_to_perdition said...

:D I bet he wud've remembered had you told him something about URSELF as well...
So, good listener part well covered...try the good talker part next! :)

Epiphany said...

@ aachi: arre nai yaar no kidin...he was BLANK!

@ road: for tht u'll have to check HIS blog wnt u?? :)

Smart-Alecky said...

And how about "Have a nice one!"