Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Of death by life...

You slide into the water, the hair on your body stick to you like a baby sticks to his mother.

The water tries it's best to push you out. You are violating it's space. You push against the walls to stick to stay "grounded".

You block the source and the water is calmer now. You slide in further, out of choice. It is up to your neck now.

The water covers your ears, impairs your hearing of the outside world. You can no longer hear the radio, the TV, the room service, the phone.

You can hear yourself as clearly as you ever could. Your heartbeat, Your hands sticking to the walls, the sound of you gulping.

The water hasn't reached your mouth yet. Somehow you can taste it at the base of your tongue.

You are completely immersed now, all you can feel is you. All you can see is the stagnation.

It is surprising that water can burn your lungs so bad, when it is supposed to put out the fire.

You don't scream, just lay there, lay there and wait.

The only thing outside of you that you are still aware of is this ray of light, from somewhere above you... but there was no light here .....

And you stare into the light, and sleep with your eyes open...


Smart-Alecky said...


So you a chance to waste that zillions of gallons water in that bath tub.

BTW if your room is not in front of the pool, preferably first floor, you are missing a whole lot. Bysani, at least, I did have loads of fun since his room was bang in front and on first floor. :)

Haven't written for long?? Evrything okay?

nZai Madi.

Epiphany said...

1. You can talk in terms of liters I haven't become an American YET..

2. that is EXACTLY where my room is...but no luck :(

3. haven't written coz I was Just plain lazy :)