Thursday, July 26, 2007


My Code is airborne!!! MAN this feels brilliant :)
(P.S: if u didn't get it.....I works in aerospace, and that thing FLEW!!)

Trivia: Did you know that irrespective of the aircraft altitude (in flight) the shadow cast by it is of the same size!!


road_to_perdition said...

but did it come back down?? ;)
congratulations man!! :)

Meenakshi said...

Congratulations !!!
Keep going :)

Smart-Alecky said...

Oye Pappe congrapolations!!

BTW did adil and rest move to PHX??
Today we had a get together to felicitate the 3 year old. Got a nice gold bracelet. Get back soon and claim yours.

Oshkosh was a big success :) Everybody is kinda happy with the show. Waiting for the outing :)

When are you coming back man. My tea breaks have like vanished!!

BTW do go and visit the ezeebuy store. You can get 2 hand original game DVDs for your PSIII. If i am not wrong it is in the Tucson Mall, and do roam around the Miracle Mile Rd. ;)