Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fairy tale of hairy tailed Melon, the collie

Being really good with his paws Melon the collie tied one end of the hammok to the balcony railing.
The other end was tied aroung his neck as a noose.

He then jumped, to what he hoped would be his death, but the stupid people who lived in the flat below his master's wanted to "save" him. The whiplash broke his spine, but he was "rescued" before his life could be squeezed out.

His master KNEW Melon wanted to "live on" and so refused to put him to sleep. Melon continued his sorry existence in a dilapidated state. This was even worse than the boredom he jumped to escape from in the first place.

This is when Melon the collie muttered his ironicaly immortal words

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road_to_perdition said...

...i think i know this "collie"...vaguely familiar...